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Build simple to advanced maps in seconds.

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Trusted by half a million people who have built the most amazing maps in WordPress.

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Custom Maps? Easy peasy!

WP Go Maps is the easiest to use map plugin that provides simple to advanced and customizable maps . Any map you can think of can be created with WP Go Maps.

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Detailed Markers

Create markers containing text, images, galleries, videos, ratings and more. We've got it all!

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Let users get directions to your markers in both Google Maps and OpenLayers.

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168极速赛车全国开奖官网直播现场-1分钟极速赛车开奖结果查询记录 Three easy steps to getting started

Create a Map

Create a map and modify it to suit your brand.

Add your Markers

Add comprehensive markers with images, videos, text and more.

Add to Page

Use the shortcode or Gutenberg block to add your map to any page or section of your site.

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This is by far the best map plugin we've used, in years . It comes with the most features and is very intuitive and easy to use. It also comes with the best technical support we've experienced, in a long time. The developer is very responsive and helpful.

Roger van der Veken

Working on a highly customized map with WP Go Maps Pro. Really a fantastic (the best!) Wordpress plugin for creating maps. Easy out of the box result and many advanced options. Thanks, also for the excellent support!

Ryan Gold

Amazing support and equally brilliant plugin . Will definitely use again.

Kris Fassler

I appreciate the great service. Also, this plugin is very easy to use and makes adding a map with pins simple!

We Rock Your Web

WP Go Maps wins our number one spot as the best WordPress map plugin


I’ve used this plugin on multiple websites over the past few years where I need to plot locations on a map with geolocation and filterable categories. I use both the free and premium versions on different sites depending on the need. I’ve had to reach out to support a few times for help on items and they’re always responsive, helpful, and enthusiastic . Recently I received support from Dylan Auty who went above and beyond to provide a custom script to extend the capabilities of the plugin. I highly recommend WP Go Maps .

Arista Hageman

As a developer with lots of clients that have diverse needs, I love this plugin’s flexibility . I was also recently offered a copy at no charge for a nonprofit client and I’m very grateful for that! These guys do a good job and obviously have their hearts in the right place! Will buy again and again for my clients.

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Harvard University Durham University MNDA Invictus Games 2018 Volunteer Edinburgh American Solar Energy Society Virginia Tech Boston University The University of Southern Mississippi Hisense Malaysia The Salvation Army Toastmasters International University at Buffalo Virginia Department of Social Services TCU

We've been building this plugin for 10 years

... 2,412 reviews later, we are rated the number one plugin in the world for building maps in your WordPress website. Read the reviews to find out why we are leading the market.

Nick Duncan, WP Go Maps Founder

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